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Thursday, June 6 • 3:45pm - 5:00pm
Reviewing your practice from different perspectives LIMITED
Limited Capacity seats available

Overview - Talks presented by Sarah Frodsham and Clarysly Deller

This seminar will focus on three different ways to gather data that can be used to assess the nature of impact teaching has on learning within a lesson teaching about evolution. However, the research instruments that will be considered include questionnaires; observations and interviews that could be applied to any lesson. There will be video clips that can be observed that will provide raw data. The ways that these three different kinds of research tools can be used to gather evidence to inform practice will be demonstrated. The wide range of data it is possible to collect with these tools will also be shared for participants to consider. The seminar will also give the opportunity to engage in some of the processes of analysis to 'see' how judgements about the impact of teaching on learning can be made. This could be useful for anyone interested in (1) engaging in action research (McGregor & Woodhouse 2015; Woodhouse & McGregor 2015; 2016) focused on improving practice, (2) consideration of the ways that challenging ideas (in this case evolution) in science can be addressed, and (3) reflecting on ways (McGregor & Cartwright 2011) to develop others' practice.

Chaired by Kendra McMahon

McGregor, D. and Cartwright, L. (Eds) (2011) Developing Reflective Practice: A handbook for Beginning Teachers. 301 pp Buckingham : Open University Press
Woodhouse, F. and McGregor, D. (2016) Action Research in the classroom 3 : Suggestions about collecting data in everyday science classroom situations. Education in Science. 263 p. 32- 33
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avatar for Kendra McMahon

Kendra McMahon

Reader (associate professor), Bath Spa University
Primary science'The learning sciences' (including cognitive psychology and neuroscience) and ITEdialogic teachinglink to our project webpages: https://www.bathspa.ac.uk/projects/learning-sciences-in-teacher-education/

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Clarysly Deller

Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
PSTT award winner 2012-2013Previous primary science teacher and educatorSenior lecturer in Primary Science Education at MMUResearch involvement in using drama techniques to teach science and creative practice.
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Sarah Frodsham

Research Assistant, Oxford Brookes University