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Hands on Science are a leading provider of primary school STEM workshops all across the UK. We deliver over 80 engaging and inspiring hands on science workshops to primary school children who get to explore and learn through their own investigations. Our workshops support the national curriculum, from humans and animals, to exploring space, forces, natural selection or materials and properties.

We are passionate about inspiring young scientists of the future. We don’t run shows, work with large audiences or treat science as entertainment. Our guiding principle in designing every one of our hands on workshops is simple - children learn best by doing interesting investigations for themselves. 

• We’re Nationwide – We have the best workshop leaders available all over the UK
  • Hands On - Most workshops run with a class at a time, giving every child time to get stuck into their own investigations
  • Real Science - Children will develop scientific skills through practical child led investigations, fair testing and the use of correct vocabulary. They will love using our specialist equipment.
  • Fun - Bundled into every workshop, helping with recall and retention
  • Safety First- Every workshop is fully tried, tested and risk assessed
  • Efficient - We make best use of time with no travel time and no additional staffing required
  • Great Value. Our hands on science activities would cost much more if undertaken at an off site venue. Teachers are too busy to develop workshops from scratch, we do it for them.
  • Engaging. We don’t do shows where children sit en masse and watch an adult demonstrate - losing that all important engagement with them.
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