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Incredible Oceans deliver education and events that tell critical ocean-saving stories using art and science.

We consider oceans to be vital and that all young people deserve to learn about them. Our health, well-being, future sustainability, and the future of all life on Earth, depend on them. They face threats from climate-change, pollution, acoustics, development and overfishing, and yet despite a wealth of scientific evidence interest is worryingly low.

Our educational Fuseschool videos, lesson plans and training aims to change that; using the combined power of arts, science and charismatic marine life to grab young hearts and minds and bring about a sea change in the way we relate to our oceans, marine life and our planet.

A not-for-profit organisation with a legion of amazing volunteers from all arenas, we team up with scientists, creatives, community organisations, campaigners, companies and broadcast media. We devise festivals and pop-up events and education that highlight problems, showcase solutions, and help us all become more ocean literate.