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SSERC is a Local Authority shared-service providing support across all 32 Scottish Education Authorities.  We offer a broad portfolio of services, principally in support of the science and technology areas of the curriculum, including:
  • health and safety advice for schools and Local Authorities
  • professional development programmes for teachers and technicians
  • guidance on experiments and practical work
  • recommendations on equipment & design of specialist accommodation
  • radiation protection advisory services
  • publications including Bulletins, health and safety guidance, and web-based materials (www.sserc.scot)
In recognition of our professional learning provision SSERC has recently been awarded with the General Teaching Council Scotland Quality Mark as a Professional Learning Organisation.  In the past 7 years 99% of Scottish secondary schools and colleges and 50+% of primary schools have attended one or more of our professional development courses. Such work could not be achieved without the support of a range of partners, most notably the Scottish Government, the Primary Science Teaching Trust and the National STEM Learning Centre.
Through our wider engagement activities, we aim to inspire young people to engage with STEM subjects and to provide better connections between education and the world of work. SSERC leads on a series of wider engagement activities including:
  • The STEM Ambassador Hubs in Scotland.
  • The Polar Explorer Programme
  • The STEM Insights Programme
  • The Young STEM Leader Programme