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Whizz Pop Bang is a monthly magazine packed full of top-quality science for primary aged children. We know young children make excellent scientists – they’re inquisitive, keen to learn and have open minds. We aim to nurture these qualities and encourage kids to keep asking questions, which is why we pack lab-loads of hands-on experiments, puzzles and awesome science discoveries into every magazine; sparking imaginations and inspiring the scientists of the future! 

NEW TEACHING RESOURCES: To accompany the magazines, we’ve developed an online library of teaching resources designed to link hands-on science with key curriculum topics for years 2 to 6. The resources include lesson plans, hands-on investigations, science texts for cross curricular reading, comprehension question and answer sheets, science games and PowerPoint presentations – all planned and ready to teach.

"Using Whizz Pop Bang has revitalized our science teaching. The quality of the resources are first class and particularly support cross curricular links through the reading comprehension activities. We have found these to be particularly useful at the upper end of KS2 where science can be used as a vehicle to support SATs, making use of skills of inference and deduction based on relevant scientific topics. In addition the planning offers exciting practical ideas, particularly useful to teachers who are not scientific specialists. The children absolutely love carrying out the real-life experiments."

Sally Cowell, Head teacher at Shaw Ridge Primary school, Swindon

Subscriptions to the resources are for the whole school, with as many teacher log-ins as required.
  • Accessible content for classrooms, libraries and science clubs
  • Written by expert teachers and science writers
  • Linked to the science and reading curricula
  • Bursting with rich practical science experiments
  • Gives teachers the confidence to deliver accurate, hands-on science lessons
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