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Allen Tsui

Willow Brook Primary School Academy
Academic Enrichment Programme Leader
London, England
Allen Tsui officially began teaching at Willow Brook Primary School Academy in East London on the day that Tim Peake began his Principia mission at the end of 2015. Allen attended a secondary school in North London during the early to mid 1980s as computers were first being introduced to the curriculum but before the National Curriculum was fully established. His parents wanted him to study engineering at University but because Allen didn’t have the science capital to achieve that, he consequently left school after one and a half terms of A-level Maths, Physics and Chemistry. A-level computing was not an option open to Allen at the time. A lack of A-levels meant having to go into full time employment instead of University. Allen joined the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in July 1986 and worked through the Civil Service grades. Allen has direct experience of being a life-long learner having completed his undergraduate degree on a part-time evening class basis at Birkbeck College while working at the CPS. He has since 2017 been sponsored to be on the Masters in Educational Leadership at Manchester Metropolitan University by his employer. In January 2019, Allen received confirmation that he had successfully completed the National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership (NPQML). In March 2019, he was accepted into the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts. As a parent of a daughter and a son who are currently (2019) of primary school age, and his wife as an alumni of Imperial College, he firmly believes that in the field of STEM teaching and learning #ninepercentisnotenough for all of our futures.